What Makes Our Classes Different?

Your puppy is precious - and at the Clever Dog Company we are all too aware of how important those first weeks and months are in your dog's development.

Choosing the right class for your dog needs to be done with care - and is not a case of just choosing the nearest.

Sarah lectures nationally and internationally on this subject - it is essential that the class is positive, and an enjoyable learning experience for you and your pup - NOT a free-for-all, noisy or stressful!

Choose wisely - the next 14 or so years with your dog may depend upon it.

  • We are experts on canine behaviour - not just training - so know how to prevent and solve problems
  • Small classes (usually between 6-8 dogs max) with highly qualified & experienced instructors, and assistants
  • Kind training - using the most modern, advanced and effective methods - you will be amazed at the results
  • Sarah Whitehead's expertise - best-selling author and international behaviour specialist - as seen on TV!
  • Training DVD - worth £29.95, included as part of your course, so you can practise at home
  • Children welcome! Kids are often our best trainers. Bring the family!
  • Experts on puppy biting, barking, jumping up and all other common puppy problems
  • All our Instructors are proud to be full APDT members. Their strict accreditation scheme means we offer positive training you can trust

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