Your nearest Clever Dog Company Method Trainers

For more details, call the central number on 01753 859 004, or take a look at the list below to find your nearest CDC instructor.

South West

Davey AtkinsonBased in: East Devon/Dorset border

Davey is best known as the ‘Terrier Trainer’ he loves nothing more than a challenge to train the ‘untrainable’!

Davey offers positive one-to-one training for puppies and dogs in East Devon and Dorset. He specialises in Terrier training; helping the little terrors of the canine community become well-mannered family pets without surrendering that all-important spark that makes them so endearing. Sharing a house with a highly spirited Jack Russell, Davey has set out to prove that Terriers are not as untrainable as some might think!

Click on the branch name or call 07427 130 690

Emma BeesleyBased in: Horton, Sth Glos

Emma instructs puppy socialisation & training classes, progression classes and 'Rally Obedience' at Horton, Nr Chipping Sodbury, South Gloucestershire. She also offers 1:1 training and home visits. Click on the branch name or call 07813 826 008

Leann LayfieldBased in: North West Wiltshire, 1 Hour Drive within Westbury

Leann has worked for over 20 years as a veterinary nurse. During this time has witnessed how stressful raising and training a puppy can be. Leann once had her own unruly Lurcher and found training to be difficult but received support from training that has helped her to transform her unruly Lurcher into a delightful dog.

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Trudi SheridanBased in: North Devon

Trudi grew up with border collies and has a passion for dogs and positive, effective and life lasting training. She loves showing owners what their dogs can do and helping them to unleash the genius in their dog whilst have fun and building a great life long bond.

Living in Georgeham, North Devon, Trudi often trains dogs on the beautiful surrounding beaches and helps them to become ‘beach ready’!

Click on the branch name or call 07973 600 954

Sue WatkinsBased in: Somerset

Specialist in Working Gundogs.

Sue’s genuine passion for dogs came from growing up surrounded by a littler of Labrador puppies, and she’s since become the owner of seven dogs herself!

Having worked for a Greyhound rescue charity, Sue’s experience of training started very early on, and she expanded her knowledge of dogs’ health when she set up her own dog nutrition business and became qualified with a Certificate in Companion Animal Nutrition (QCF Level 3).

Sue loves to watch dogs and their owners progressing in their relationship, developing a bond, building their confidence and learning positive, science-based methods.  Sue is happy to work with any breed of dog but particularly loves Labradors.

Offering one-to-one home visits and training in very small groups in a secure training paddock, Sue regularly updates her knowledge and experience by attending seminars and workshops.

Sue is fully insured and DBS cleared. All training adheres to the APDT code of practice.

Click on the branch name or call 01278 722 790

Andrew DurrantBased in: 20 mile radius of Hampshire

Specialising in friendly gundog and pet gundog training, puppies and home visit training, Andrew himself owns two Flat-coated Retrievers and four Spanish Waterdogs. It’s this passion for his own pets that has spurred him on to become chairman of the Inderbrook Dog Training Society.

Click on the branch name or call 07768 475 77.

Johanna SmithBased in: Camberley, Surrey

Known as ‘The family-friendly dog trainer’, Johanna specialises in 1:1 training with Mums and their families.

Jo has always had dogs, and, being a busy Mum herself, knows the demands a family can have. She reads extensively, trains her dogs regularly and continuously updates her knowledge so she can provide you with all the support you need to train your dog to be the sociable, well-mannered family pet you’ve always wanted.

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