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For times and venues, call the central number on 01753 859 004, or take a look at the list below to find your nearest CDC class locations.

South East &

Barbara CarrollBased in: Rye, Romney, Marsh, Ashford and surrounding area

Barbara loves to watch the transformation between dogs and their owners when her training gets to work, their pet becomes their best buddy and this is Barbara’s mission for all of her training clients.

Barbara has trained dogs under the KC Good Citizen scheme for 7 years, from puppy to Gold standard and now specialises in helping puppies, first-time owners or owners who may need to work around health issues.

Click on the branch name or call 07542 267 562

Chantal HughesBased in: Cranleigh, Surrey

Specialising in rescue dogs (but loves working with puppies too!), Chantal is based in Cranleigh, Surrey and has two dogs of her own, one of which she rescued from a public shelter in Romania, helping her understand the journey and pitfalls that come with early life trauma.

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Johanna SmithBased in: Camberley, Surrey

Known as ‘The family-friendly dog trainer’, Johanna specialises in 1:1 training with Mums and their families.

Jo has always had dogs, and, being a busy Mum herself, knows the demands a family can have. She reads extensively, trains her dogs regularly and continuously updates her knowledge so she can provide you with all the support you need to train your dog to be the sociable, well-mannered family pet you’ve always wanted.

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Stephanie BinghamBased in: Sidcup, Kent

Steph is based in Sidcup, Kent and covers all surrounding areas, including Chislehurst. Steph offers 1-1 training to help you get your puppy off to the best possible start. These sessions are also perfect for adult dogs too. She owns a rather gorgeous and unusual dog herself – a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

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Sharon SkinnerBased in: Holyport, near Windsor

Sharon is a veterinary nurse who is also known for her expertise in one-to-one training for puppies and older dogs and behavioural help in Windsor, Maidenhead and surrounding areas.

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Sandra EmmonsBased in: Pangbourne, Berkshire

Dogs respond much better to training when their trainer truly understands them. With extensive experience in training dogs for their particular environments, Sandra provides a truly bespoke training programme which is as individual as they are. Click on the branch name or call 07973 272 911

Alexandra NelkeBased in: London

Specialising in bespoke training programmes tailored to the ‘London Lifestyle’, Alexandra has developed effective methods to help owners who live in the city ensure they have happy, calm and confident city dogs.

Click on the branch name or call 07725 087 870

Angela FraserBased in: Thanet, Kent. Covering surrounding areas.

Angela and her team specialise in Individual Dog Walking tailored to suit your dogs, Age, Health and Breed. She also offers Personalised one-to-one positive, reward-based dog training in your home, making it fun and enjoyable for you and your dog.

Angela’s mission is to help you to create that special bond and connection between owner and dog for life.

Click on the branch name or call  07815 053 449 / 01843 310 012


James HoltBased in: London

Based in North London, James offers bespoke training packages to focus on each client’s individual needs. Having worked for many years in real estate, James understands the effect city living has on the relationship between dogs and their owners.

Click on the branch name or call 07846 967 236

Rachel PattisonBased in: Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire

When it comes to puppy training, Rachel is a true expect. Running the Abbey Dog Training Centre in Swindon, she ensures complete care is taken to give each of her Puppy Socialisation clients the personal attention they need, which is why she limits her classes to just 4 dogs and owners.

Click on the branch name or call 07900 692 443

Oli JusteBased in: London

Oli provides positive, modern, ethical dog training with an emphasis on behaviour. He can introduce you to some breed specific training, as well as helping your dog with potential future and present behavioural issues. Click on the branch name or call 07881 636 164

Lottie HanksBased in: South and West London

Lottie is based in London and understands the pressures of bringing up a dog in the city. Offering bespoke one-to-one training for your family and specialising in puppy training, Lottie will help you train your canine family member using positive, force-free, ethical dog training, and a lot of fun. Teaching owners to understand and communicate with their dog or puppy is Lottie’s passion.

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Emma ArdittiBased in: Kent

Specialising in first time dog owners, Emma has built her business around helping people adapt to their new lives with a dog and ensuring a bond is made within those all-important early weeks and months.

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Jemma MilneBased in: South East London

Having spent a lot of her career in theatre, Jemma knows the demands a busy lifestyle can have on dog owners, especially those who want to find time to train their beloved pups, but can’t find a trainer who will work around them.

Click on the branch name or call 07841 123 430

Jacqueline DelaneyBased in: South East London

Having built and run a highly successful dog walking and day care business for over 7 years Jax developed a passion for understanding how dogs learn and behave. She soon enrolled in one of Sarah Whitehead’s courses to improve her knowledge and understanding on a personal level, but she quickly became hooked and loved it.

Jax decided to become a trainer to achieve one of her life long goals to improve the lives of dogs (and their owners!). Jax loves dogs in all shapes and sizes but has a special place for the ‘fluffies’ as we affectionately call them!

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Caren McLaughlinBased in: South East London and Kent

Once a veterinary nurse, Caren then pursued a rewarding career being mum to her children, 13-year-old pug and 3-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Caren’s true passion is to help owners realise their own dogs’ potential and see their own confidence in training grow.

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