Clever Dog Company

Your Trainer: Jo Hubbard

Based in: Leicestershire and surrounding areas

“Helping you to develop a rewarding, stress-free and lifelong partnership with your dog”

Jo specialises in the training needs of deaf dogs and dogs experiencing hearing loss, as well as veterinary procedure training. She has a keen interest in working with puppies, rehomed dogs and developing advanced trick training.

Jo is a lover of all animals, although dogs remain closest to her heart (apart from her cat!)

Having previously trained her own rescue dogs, and with qualifications in Canine Behaviour and Training, her background includes:


  • Working within a dog rescue centre
  • Working as an advanced clicker trainer of dogs and cats for specialist veterinary procedures
  • Working with assistance dogs in advanced training for people with disabilities
  • Working as a pet sitter

Jo’s knowledge and experience will help you become an expert dog owner.

Using only science based ‘force and fear-free’ training methods, she believes that training your dog, and learning how to train your dog, should be, and is fun! Jo’s commitment to continued education also means that she can provide you with the most up to date skills that are out there!

"All dogs are as individual as you and I." Jo is with you every step of the way and with her support, you and your dog can achieve a truly unique partnership to be proud of.


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