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Our Trainers

Alexandra NelkeBased in: London

Specialising in bespoke training programmes tailored to the ‘London Lifestyle’, Alexandra has developed effective methods to help owners who live in the city ensure they have happy, calm and confident city dogs.

Originally from the German countryside and having spent a childhood enjoying the company of dogs and horses, Alexandra now lives in London and has tailored her methods to be modern, force-free and always with an emphasis on preparing puppies for the busy, city life.

Click on the branch name or call 07725 087 870

Sam SwansonBased in: Watlington, Oxfordshire

One-to-one training in Oxfordshire. Sam also instructs a branch of Clever Dog Company®puppy classes in Watlington. Sam is one of our agility specialists and runs agility classes during the Summer months in Watlington.

Click on Sam's name for further information or call 01491 613256 or 07866 632750

Sue WatkinsBased in: Somerset

Specialist in Working Gundogs.

Sue’s genuine passion for dogs came from growing up surrounded by a littler of Labrador puppies, and she’s since become the owner of seven dogs herself!

Click on the branch name or call 01278 722 790

Stella BagshawBased in: Gloucestershire

One-to-one training for puppies and dogs in the Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire areas. Stella is a highly experienced and skillful trainer. We call her the 'clicker queen'!

Click on Stella's name for further information or call  01285 810 652.

Sandra EmmonsBased in: Pangbourne, Berkshire

Dogs respond much better to training when their trainer truly understands them. With extensive experience in training dogs for their particular environments, Sandra provides a truly bespoke training programme which is as individual as they are. Click on Sandra's name for further information or call 07973 272 911

Emma ArdittiBased in: South East London and Kent

Based in Kent, Emma has one massive passion: she loves to SHOCK dog owners with their dog’s incredible abilities!

Specialising in first time dog owners, Emma has built her business around helping people adapt to their new lives with a dog and ensuring a bond is made within those all-important early weeks and months.

Click on the branch name or call 07399 521 005

June WilliamsBased in: Chobham, Surrey

June runs Clever Dog Company® puppy classes at Chobham and offers one-to-one training and behavioural help for dogs in the Chertsey/Woking area. June is a super-experienced and qualified member of our behavioural team.

Click on June's name for further information or call 01753 859004

Karen DaviesBased in: Isle of Wight

With a background in high-level (human) nursing and education, Karen is passionate about helping people and their dogs learn together and develop a bond based on a mutual understanding of one another.

As well as being a Clever Dog Company Method trainer, Karen is also a qualified canine behaviourist, a Bach Flower Remedy Animal Practitioner, and soon to be Tellington Touch Companion Animal Practitioner.

If that wasn’t enough, Karen is obsessed with dogs’ body language and communication, and admits to spending hours observing dogs and puppies so she can pass on her vital learning to owners so they can recognise the vital signs that their dogs are communicating.

Click on the branch name or call 07487 273 580

Samantha DavisBased in: Bedford

Known as 'The Start Right Trainer', Samantha will get you and your new puppy off to the best possible start in their forever home with a range of bespoke 1-2-1 training packages. Click on Samantha's name for further information or call 07452 895445

Wendy ApplebyBased in: Windsor, Berkshire

Wendy is a highly experienced Instructor, and she is Senior Instructor at the Windsor branch of Clever Dog Company® puppy and dog training classes.

Click on Wendy's name for further information or call 01753 859004

Siobhan HarveyBased in: South West London and surrounding areas

“Developing beautifully-behaved dogs”

Siobhan first realised her passion for dogs at the age of 3 when she fell head over heals for her Golden Retriever, Max.

From that early love developed a passion for big and bouncy dogs that have a real zest for life.

Siobhan specialises in helping owners to harness their dog’s natural energy and channel it into training and appropriate outlets to develop beautifully behaved and well-balanced dogs.

Click on the branch name or call 0770 249 2950

Maureen CarrollBased in: Surrey

Maureen offers kind, positive, reward-based one-to-one training to make sure that you get off to a flying start. Maureen is based in Godalming, Surrey and has had dogs, cats and horses for the last 35 years. Click on Maureen's name for further information or call 07769 325 157

Oli JusteBased in: London

Oli provides positive, modern, ethical dog training with an emphasis on behaviour. He can introduce you to some breed specific training, as well as helping your dog with potential future and present behavioural issues. Click on the branch name or call 07881 636 164 Click on Oli's name for further information or call 07881 636 164

Jo SellersBased in: Guildford and Waverley

Based just south of Guildford, Jo helps new dog owners get the best out of their puppy or rescue dog through the patient application of positive training.

Having always had a soft spot for the small and fluffy ones, Jo’s young spaniel cross taught her the importance of starting as you mean to go on and setting good foundations for the future.

Click on the branch name or call  0773 346 3422.


Chantal HughesBased in: Wimbledon

Specialising in rescue dogs (but loves working with puppies too!), Chantal is based in Wimbledon and has two dogs of her own, one of which she rescued from a public shelter in Romania, helping her understand the journey and pitfalls that come with early life trauma.

Click on Chantal's name for further information or call  07710 618 074.

Rachel PattisonBased in: Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire

When it comes to puppy training, Rachel is a true expert. Running the Abbey Dog Training Centre in Swindon, she ensures complete care is taken to give each of her Puppy Socialisation clients the personal attention they need, which is why she limits her classes to just 4 dogs and owners.

Sharing her home with three dogs herself, Rachel’s life really is about dogs inside and out!

Rachel’s genuine passion is to help new owners connect with their pups and bond within those very early and important weeks and months of life together.

Click on the branch name or call 07900 692 443

Andrew DurrantBased in: 20 Mile Radius of Hampshire

With over 30 years’ experience in dog training, Andrew has developed a truly in-depth knowledge on how to help owners train their dogs to their fullest potential.

Specialising in friendly gundog and pet gundog training, puppies and home visit training, Andrew himself owns two Flat-coated Retrievers and four Spanish Waterdogs. It’s this passion for his own pets that has spurred him on to become chairman of the Inderbrook Dog Training Society.

Click on the branch name or call 07768 647577

Caren McLaughlinBased in: South East London and Kent

Once a veterinary nurse, Caren then pursued a rewarding career being mum to her children, 13-year-old pug and 3-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Caren also spent ten years working with children in SEN settings before joining CDC and volunteered in dog rescues for many years.

Caren’s true passion is to help owners realise their own dogs’ potential and see their own confidence in training grow.

Click on the branch name or call 07956 544 701

Amy BarberBased in: Leicestershire, Staffordshire & Derbyshire

"Clicking - the way to create calm and confident city pooches!"

Based in Stoneygate, Leicester, Amy developed her passion for training through her Pet Care Services business.   She has experience of caring for and training a huge variety of dogs of all breeds and sizes but her first love is her own little Dachshund cross Chihuahua.

Amy covers a wide area in the above counties.  Click on Amy Barber's name for further information or call 0116 216 6963

Emma BeesleyBased in: Falfield

Emma instructs puppy socialisation & training classes, progression classes and 'Rally Obedience' at Horton, Nr Chipping Sodbury, South Gloucestershire. She also offers 1:1 training and home visits. Click on Emma's name for further information or call 07813 826 008 

Jemma MilneBased in: South East London

Having spent a lot of her career in theatre, Jemma knows the demands a busy lifestyle can have on dog owners, especially those who want to find time to train their beloved pups, but can’t find a trainer who will work around them.

With that in mind, Jemma offers her clients round the clock appointments that fit in with their busy schedule.

Click on the branch name or call 07841 123 430

Vanya-Louise MatthewsBased in: Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire

Currently our most Northerly trainer, Vanya-Louise is based just outside Inverurie in Aberdeenshire (North East Scotland). She has 3 dogs of her own (2 of which are rescue - one local, one from abroad). Click on Vanya-Louise's name for further information or call 07725 336 019

Alison MercerBased in: Essex/Suffolk border

Alison is a specialist in Scent Work and Real Dog Yoga.

She has a particular interest in high energy and working breeds and bespoke exercise and training for busy people with dogs who need more. Click on Alison Mercer's name for further information or call 07555 294294

Johanna SmithBased in: Camberley, Surrey

Known as ‘The family-friendly dog trainer’, Johanna specialises in 1:1 training with Mums and their families.

Jo has always had dogs, and, being a busy Mum herself, knows the demands a family can have. She reads extensively, trains her dogs regularly and continuously updates her knowledge so she can provide you with all the support you need to train your dog to be the sociable, well-mannered family pet you’ve always wanted.

Click on Johann's name for further information or call 07779 042 289

Jennifer BrunnerBased in: Borough of Richmond Upon Thames

Some dogs are shy and nervous, which means they need extra special training care. Jennifer specialises in building these puppies’ confidence and ensures they develop a strong partnership with their owner. Click on Jennifer's name for further information or call 07947 274 653

John HodgsonBased in: Rishworth, West Yorkshire

Based in Rishworth, West Yorkshire, between Leeds & Manchester, John has two dogs: A Chihuahua and an American Cocker Spaniel. He’s passionate about using the most up to date training methods and theories in order to educate and help owners and their dogs live an enjoyable life together. A true dog-lover, John volunteers at rescue shelters assisting the team to train rescue dogs with the aim of making them easier to rehome.

Click on John's name for further information or call 01422 747007

Ann CorcoranBased in: Norwich, Norfolk

Having had dogs all my life, including a Collie cross called Patch, Chip a Poodle x Westie and two Cocker spaniels, Bruce and Bel, I have become fascinated by canine/human dynamics, both for single dog households and those where there are multiple canine/human interactions.

With an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management, I am a full member of the APDT (membership no 01269) and am proud to follow their code of conduct of kind, fair and effective dog training using positive reinforcement.

Click on Ann's name for further information or call 07766 758 146

Stephanie BinghamBased in: Sidcup, Kent

Steph is based in Sidcup, Kent and covers all surrounding areas, including Chislehurst. Steph offers 1-1 training to help you get your puppy off to the best possible start. These sessions are also perfect for adult dogs too. She owns a rather gorgeous and unusual dog herself – a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Click on Stephanie's name for further information or call 07762 211449

Helen BellingerBased in: Swindon and surrounding areas.

Helen’s passion for helping owners train their dogs came after she started her own dog walking and home boarding business.

As a result of wanting to give the dogs a stress-free experience when away from their owners, Helen’s own personal training methods have helped many dogs become calmer family pets.

Click on the branch name or call 07922 152 163

Nicola RedmanBased in: Oxfordshire

Nicola is based in Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire and has a lifetime history involved with dogs from a family kennels and dog breeding. She currently has a Labrador and a ginger cat, both rescue pets. Click on Nicola's name for further information or call 07470 186793

Or you can visit Nikki's website:

Rosemary McDonaghBased in: North Lincolnshire

Based in North Lincolnshire, with one chocolate Labrador and two mad(!) Abyssinian cats herself, one of life’s greatest joys for Rosemary is to see the bonds develop between dog and owner through the use of the Clever Dog Company Methods.

Click on the branch name or call 07956 367 012

Jo HubbardBased in: Leicestershire and surrounding areas

“Helping you to develop a rewarding, stress-free and lifelong partnership with your dog”

Jo specialises in the training needs of deaf dogs and dogs experiencing hearing loss, as well as veterinary procedure training. She has a keen interest in working with puppies, rehomed dogs and developing advanced trick training.

Jo is a lover of all animals, although dogs remain closest to her heart (apart from her cat!)

Click on the branch name or call 07736 936506 / 01509 816881

Sharon SkinnerBased in: Holyport, Nr Windsor

Sharon is a veterinary nurse who is also known for her expertise in one-to-one training for puppies and older dogs and behavioural help in Windsor, Maidenhead and surrounding areas.

Areas covered: 

  • Windsor
  • Maidenhead (and surrounding areas)

Click on the branch name or call 01753 859 004

Sandra RawBased in: 20 mile radius of Worcester

A good trainer needs to know the methods for enabling a dog’s progression, whereas a great trainer has a dog’s happiness at the core of what he or she does. This is Sandra, and she acts with complete integrity with every one of her clients.

Owner of Worcester Dogs, Sandra offers a premium service allowing her to dedicate the right amount of time to each of her dog owners and their dogs, helping them bond and become happy, healthy pets.

Based in Worcester, Sandra has a passion for large breed dogs and owns two of her own.

Click on the branch name or call 07901 556 633