Many dogs love to dig, particularly terriers, which have been bred for centuries to do exactly that!

Although digging is unacceptable to us, it is a perfectly normal canine behaviour, and as such is often better redirected than ‘cured’.

Creating a ‘digging pit’ for confirmed canine gardeners is usually the best way of offering an appropriate outlet for the behaviour, without having a hole the size of a swimming pool in your lawn!

  • Choose an appropriate site, then dig a large pit, adding builder’s sand to the soil,so that it won’t clog in the dog’s paws too much.
  • Take your dog to the pit and let him watch you bury a juicy bone, a toy which he really likes, or some biscuits, then let him dig them up.
  • Repeat this a few times,so that he gets the hang of it!
  • Bury items in the pit once or twice a week when the dog is not around. He will have a wonderful surprise when he discovers that his pit has buried treasure in it!

Having found treasure in this spot, very few dogs then want to dig elsewhere!

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