Become not just a dog trainer… but the very best dog trainer


Children are often our best trainers at classes and we actively encourage the whole family to attend.

Ever wanted to become a dog trainer, but didn’t know where to start?

Sarah Whitehead’s Clever Dog Company® has an outstanding reputation as offering the very best in modern, fun training! We are known for our expertise, behavioural understanding, up-to-the-minute training methods and exceptional customer service.

We also believe that becoming a world-class dog trainer is not something that happens in a weekend! It takes committment to learning and understanding about both theory, and practise.

Sarah’s Licenced Trainer Scheme is designed to help and support trainers develop and become outstanding, both in terms of skills and business-building.

Sarah likes to be able to mentor each person in her Trainer Scheme, and so for this reason, we keep our numbers small – it’s all about quality rather than quantity – and so we only open for applications occasionally.

However, if you are passionate about giving dogs and families the best possible start to their relationship, follow the suggestions below to get started on your education, and contact us using the form so that you have registered your interest.

Our suggestions to get you going:

  1. Complete (and pass!) Sarah’s ThinkDog! Certificate home-study accredited course (12 credits @ Level 2). This usually takes around six months.
  2. Attend and pass ThinkDog! Practical with Sarah and Stella, to skill-up on how to clicker train (properly!).
  3. Apply to join the Clever Dog Company Method Licenced Trainer Scheme using the enquiry form below. We will be delighted to hear from you.


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