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Socialisation during social distancing with other dogs

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Socialisation during social distancing with people

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canine behaviour qualifications uk
It has truly helped me and family at home. I am deeply grateful for all the hard work and training they have provided me. It has truly helped me and family at home. I will be signing up for Puppy II Classes, so thank you in advance.
Rav Ghataore

About Sarah

Sarah2Sarah Whitehead is an international lecturer and pet behaviour specialist seeing dogs and cats with behavioural problems on referral from veterinary surgeons across the South of England.

Sarah has an MSc in Animal Behaviour and is a full member of the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors) and APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers, no 00156).

She is also one of only a small number of specialists to have achieved the status of Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) and is an Animal Behaviour Training Council (ABTC) Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

Sarah is MD of Think Dog Ltd – an organisation providing accredited education in the field of behaviour and training.

Sarah also runs the Clever Dog Company® 'Method' - her trainers offer bespoke 1-1 training and specialist group classes for puppies and older dogs, all based on the most modern methods of training both people and their pets.

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So, we made it through six months of lockdown - and now it is officially 'Back to School'! But, fear not - it's not as you may remember it!

This period has been a real challenge for all of us - there's so much uncertainty around everything, including our jobs. Whilst it hasn't been without challenge for me, this period of time has really made me appreciate how lucky I am to be able to do a job that I LOVE, flexibly and from my own home office.

Now, a big part of that is helping others to follow their passion too and to create a business doing what they love - on their terms.

If you are considering your options right now, our most popular Think Dog! Certificate Course has been updated, reinvented and expanded and is now available as an online programme, so you can get access to practically applied education right now.

What's more, we have made it more accessible to everyone by launching a self-assessed version - you get access to all the content but at HALF THE PRICE of the accredited version. Check it out here >> sarahwhitehead.thinkific.com/courses/thinkdog-certificate

The Think Dog! Certificate Course is a mix of:

⭐️ Webinars and audio guides

⭐️ Real case history and training demos on video

⭐️ Up-to-the minute course material

⭐️ My latest thoughts, ideas and practical suggestions for solving behaviour issues

And you get instant access when you sign up 🙂

So this September, if you are ready to make a lasting and positive change to your business (and your life!) please do take a look at why my Think Dog! Certificate could be the next great move for you >>


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📣 Calling all professionals, aspiring professionals, and exceptional owners 📣

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Discover the secrets of canine body language and facial expression 🐶 and save £200! 💰

Join the Learn To Talk Dog online programme for JUST £97+VAT (usually £297+VAT) AND get my award-winning “He’s Only Playing” booklet FREE!! 🎁 💥

The programme is divided into 3 core modules:

🐶 Canine vocabulary - how is your dog feeling?
🐶 The Four F’s - canine coping strategies
🐶 Social Signals - how to tell he loves you
PLUS bonus module
🐶 Preventing Aggression by understanding Early Warnings: Fear, Stress, Anxiety and Appeasement

Also includes:

✅ Video tutorials that demonstrate clearly what to look for so you can match what you see in the video to your own dog and dogs around you. Making it simple to learn to talk dog.
✅ A quick interactive Quiz at the end of each Module, to help embed your learning and give you a deeper understanding of canine behaviour.

Enrol here for instant access 👉 www.learntotalkdog.com/learn-to-talk-dog-programme-special-offer/

🐾 Don’t delay - this offer expires on Tuesday 1st September ⏰

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