Are you ready to become a CDC Licensed Trainer?

ThinkDog! Certificate – Completed Sarah’s home-study accredited course (12 credits @ Level Two). This takes an average of six months.
Certified Clever Dog Company Method – Apply to become certified
ThinkDog! Practical – Attend and pass with Sarah and Stella, to skill-up on how to (properly) clicker train and assess dogs using behavioural understanding.
Accepted – Your application is accepted, Graduate and join our ranks!

If you don’t meet these criteria, not to worry, just visit our ThinkDog website and enrol now…

IF you do meet the criteria above, read on!


We believe that a combination of behavioural understanding and practical skill makes for not just a good dog trainer, but a brilliant one!

We also understand that after you have invested time and money on gaining knowledge and experience, you probably need a little help to actually know how to put it into practice and start helping dogs and their owners – and building a business, if that’s your plan.

With our Method, you can graduate from our Clever Dog Company induction on a Friday and have your first client booked the following week!

Unlike other programmes which tell you how to train, but not how to impart this essential information to owners – or how to actually book clients in the first place – we give you the practical strategies that work and then continue to support you via our online resource centre that’s only available to those who have studied with Sarah Whitehead.

The Ultimate Learning Experience

It all starts with two intensive days with Sarah Whitehead, the UK’s most respected canine behavioural consultant with over 27+ years’ experience and her expert team.

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:

  • Full structure of the remarkably effective and enjoyable Programmes for you to follow with your clients (and profit from immediately, so you are rewarded too!)
  • Full practical training methodology and trouble-shooting (with real dogs, of course!)
  • Detailed lesson plans for you and for your clients
  • Checklists and client hand-outs (so you get off to the quickest start)
  • Forms and templates for you to use with clients (so you don’t need to re-invent the wheel)

When you leave you’ll also take with you:

  • The Method Manual
  • The Method Lessons DVD

…both invaluable resources that will guide you over the months and years to come.

It goes without saying that when you have completed this jam-packed two days – provided you have graduated – you’ll also receive:

On going support in Sarah Whitehead’s Clever Dog Company Method

Because we’re committed to supporting you throughout your journey to success, you’ll hear from us every month with:

Your monthly membership of Sarah Whitehead’s Inner Circle (First Year FREE, worth £324)

You’ll be able to access trade rates on Clever Dog Company ‘lessons on DVD’, booklets, clickers, rosettes and bandanas to help you reward your clients.

A full 12 months of Business Building Strategies that are practical and easy to implement straight away. These are delivered monthly so that you can implement each one in order.

With the wealth of knowledge provided you’ll be well equipped to start your journey as a professional, positive dog trainer.


What Makes us Different
1. Our approach - the optimum training model

As a break-through alternative, Clever Dog Company Method Licensed Trainers offer a tried and tested ‘bespoke’ model of training – which offers the very best in individual focus for dog and owner, context training and situational socialisation. This approach works brilliantly for puppies, older rehomed dogs and those that need to work on a specific area of control or management, and gets truly remarkable feedback from clients. (And from trainers – who at last can properly follow-through with every client.)


What Makes us Different
2. Our remarkable methods

While most forward-thinking trainers now use positive reinforcement, Clever Dog Company Method Trainers understand and use ‘clean’ clicker training. Whether or not they actually use the clicker itself is another matter, but our methods are designed to eliminate the need for a lure as fast as possible – meaning that dogs (and owners, and trainers!) don’t get hooked on using food in training.


What Makes us Different
3. Our flexibility

Training methods always need to be flexible (within a positive parameter) and at Clever Dog Company we know that there is no ‘one-size fits all’. Our trainers have a vast array of training ‘tools’ in their ‘toolkit’ and can assess dogs’ needs according to breed, type, confidence and ability. We get success in training, and we get it fast! This helps to maintain owner motivation and ensures that behaviour problems don’t arise as a result of basic training needs.


What Makes us Different
4. Our Professionalism

At Clever Dog Company, we believe that clients should be offered the best possible, most professional and friendly service to help them train their dog. We also believe that brilliant trainers should be well remunerated for this service – because that will keep them in the industry and striving to make it the best that it can be. Good trainers want to help dogs and owners. Brilliant trainers want to leave a legacy – and this includes mentoring others to do what they do.


What Makes us Different
5. Business Prowess and Marketing Support

It doesn’t matter how good a trainer you are, if the world doesn’t know about it then you are wasting your talents. So many trainers come into this industry with high hopes and then quickly discover that endless admin and the demands of constant marketing can kill their enthusiasm. Clever Dog Company have easy and practical ways to help you with this, and to support you with their successful and established brand. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when we can offer you what we know works already.


What Makes us Different
6. Our Commitment to On-Going Excellence

With Sarah Whitehead - one of the world’s leading canine behaviourists at the helm of Clever Dog Company, ongoing CPD and learning is regarded as standard for Clever Dog Company Method Licensed Trainers. Membership of Sarah’s Inner Circle is provided as part of the License fee, offering state of the art information and ideas, and you will also receive priority invitations to the exclusive events that Sarah runs.


Our remarkably effective training programmes for dogs and owners:

A truly personalised service to fit with the family and their valuable time
One-to-one – we concentrate only the owner and their puppy’s needs – just like having a personal trainer
Tackle issues where they matter – such as biting the kids, chewing, house training and pulling on lead using incredibly fast and effective methods
Prevent behavioural problems so they never have to face the stress, damage and heartache that these can cause
Flexible hours and training times to suit. Include their kids at a time that’s perfect for them
Have a dog to be truly proud of! All being well, their dog will be an important part of their family for the next 13-15 years.

Hear’s what some of our Clever Dog Company Methoders say about the opportunity:

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and learned so so much from you all, including Cat. It was fun, interesting, inspiring and your packs and folders are being digested slowly and thoroughly and I can tell they will be invaluable. I can only imagine the amount of work you put into the days and I am so grateful for it all and the amount of information you have shared with us is very generous.

I was feeling a little rudderless in November and now, thanks to you, I feel so much more inspired, confident and excited about my next steps. I certainly felt a bit strange yesterday morning without everyone! But now I have friends and colleagues who I really can talk dog to now, so thats pretty cool! So, a huge huge.

Chantal Hughes

I want to write to thank you both for an amazing couple of days last week. As always, I learnt loads, felt inspired and supported by both you and Stella and all with the added bonus of being with a great group of people and some lovely dogs too! I really do feel as though I’m at the beginning of something big and am ready to take ‘Massive Action’ to make it happen (thanks also to Cat for her great presentation!).

I’m off to take over the world with my the sky is the limit goal setting!!

Jo Smith

Firstly, I would like to say a mahoosive thank you to Sarah and Stella for the great Induction course. As a result I feel I have honed my techniques and am much more confident that I know what I'm doing!!

Also, I feel a lot more comfortable with the business side of things and actually think that the input by Cat was invaluable. Of course messing about with the dogs is always a pleasure. Maybe it could be 3 days??! I have gained a couple of clients over the last few weeks and been putting my learning into practice. I am loving it. Roll on September when I can do it full time.

Catherine Woodliffe

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