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Toffee (Rav Ghataore) Wendy @ WIndsor
It has truly helped me and family at home. I am deeply grateful for all the hard work and training they have provided me. It has truly helped me and family at home. I will be signing up for Puppy II Classes, so thank you in advance.
Rav Ghataore

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The credit crunch, global recession, bad news on the TV, too much work, not enough time… we all experience stress, don't we? As humans, we know all too well what the symptoms can feel like – and how it can make us behave. What causes dogs stress? Of course, dogs more >>
Thu, Feb 26, 2015
Source: Sarah Whitehead
No, this isn't a reference to the fact that when most of us are on Facebook there are a hundred other things we ought to be doing instead… it's my thoughts on dogs that are frequently and regularly walked in a group…. Social dogs enjoy interacting with other dogs. They more >>
Wed, Jan 21, 2015
Source: Sarah Whitehead

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