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Toffee (Rav Ghataore) Wendy @ WIndsor
It has truly helped me and family at home. I am deeply grateful for all the hard work and training they have provided me. It has truly helped me and family at home. I will be signing up for Puppy II Classes, so thank you in advance.
Rav Ghataore

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Reasons for your dog not complying with your training are many and varied. Of course, not putting the time in is probably the biggest single human factor, but there are many other reasons apart from disobedience that may mean a dog won't (or cannot) obey. So, before you go blaming more >>
Wed, Mar 18, 2015
Source: Sarah Whitehead
For the last four days, I have been in some inner turmoil. Admittedly it's not about world peace, and no doubt many people will think that I'm getting my underwear in a twist over nothing… but to me, the way in which we treat dogs in this country matters – more >>
Mon, Mar 09, 2015
Source: Sarah Whitehead

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